Apple Watch Series 3: Prices, Specs & Best Deals [2023 Guide]

i watch price series 3

How much did the Apple Watch Series 3 cost?

The initial launch price of the Apple Watch Series 3 varied depending on the model and the options selected by the buyer. As a pivotal product in Apple’s lineup, the Series 3 came at a time when smartwatches were becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for many users. It offered significant improvements over its predecessors in terms of performance, battery life, and functionality, making it an appealing option for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

At its debut in September 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 was introduced with a starting price of $329 for the GPS-only model. For those interested in utilizing the cellular connectivity feature, which allowed for an untethered experience from the iPhone, the price began at $399. These price points represented Apple’s commitment to offering leading technology while also accommodating a range of consumer budgets.

In addition to the base models, Apple also provided various customization options that could alter the final cost of the device. Choices such as different band materials and colors, as well as exclusive watch face options, could increase the purchase price. Moreover, the choice between aluminum and stainless steel cases further diversified the price range, allowing consumers to opt for a more personalized and luxury experience if desired.

Does Apple Watch Series 3 still worth it?

In the fast-evolving world of smartwatches, many users wonder if the Apple Watch Series 3 still holds its ground. Since its launch, the technology landscape has seen significant changes, with newer models introducing advanced features. Yet, the Series 3 maintains a fan base, thanks to its blend of functionality and affordability. This piece explores whether this model remains a valuable asset for users in today’s tech ecosystem.

The Apple Watch Series 3 marked a significant milestone in wearable technology, boasting a range of features that were groundbreaking at the time. From fitness tracking capabilities to water resistance and even built-in cellular connectivity, it presented users with a powerful tool that extends far beyond mere time-telling. Despite the release of newer models, the Series 3’s performance and utility continue to be relevant for a specific demographic of users who prioritize core functionalities over the latest innovations.

Key Features to Consider

  • Performance: Powered by the S3 chip, it offers sufficient speed for everyday tasks.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with iOS systems, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Battery Life: Its battery life is commendable, lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge.

When evaluating the Series 3’s worthiness today, potential buyers must weigh its cost-effectiveness against the desire for newer technology. Although it lacks some advancements seen in later models, such as the ECG app and an always-on display, its affordability makes it an appealing option for those entering the smartwatch market. The question remains: does the Apple Watch Series 3’s value proposition justify its purchase amidst a sea of more recent alternatives?

How old is a series 3 Apple Watch?

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The Series 3 Apple Watch was officially launched by Apple in September 2017, making it an intriguing piece of technology that has been available for over six years. Despite newer models emerging, the Series 3 remains an integral part of Apple’s watch lineup, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing long-term support for their devices.

Understanding the age of the Series 3 Apple Watch is essential for potential users who are considering purchasing this model in the used market or those curious about its support lifecycle. Given its release date, the Series 3 has witnessed several software updates and improvements over the years, contributing to its sustained usability and performance.

However, it’s important to note that as hardware ages, compatibility with the latest software features can become limited. Despite this, the Series 3 Apple Watch continues to benefit from Apple’s dedication to optimizing performance and security updates for older devices, maintaining its viability for everyday use.

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Can I get money for a Series 3 Apple Watch?

Absolutely, securing some cash for your Series 3 Apple Watch is indeed a possibility, even as newer models continue to roll out into the market. Many avenues exist for owners looking to part with their wearable tech, ranging from trade-in programs offered by tech giants to sales through various online marketplaces.

Trade-In Programs and Buyback Services

Trade-in programs and buyback services often present the most straightforward path to receive money for your Series 3 Apple Watch. Notably, companies like Apple and Best Buy offer such programs where you can trade in your old device for store credit or a discount on a new purchase. Similarly, dedicated electronics buyback services may offer cash after evaluating the condition of your watch. The amount you can expect varies widely based on the watch’s condition, original packaging availability, and inclusion of accessories.

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Online Marketplaces and Social Platforms

Selling your Series 3 Apple Watch directly to buyers through online marketplaces can sometimes yield a higher return over trade-in programs. Platforms like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow for direct interaction with potential buyers, offering more control over the final sale price. When listing your Apple Watch, providing detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and being upfront about any wear and tear can help attract serious buyers and secure a fair price.

Remember, the demand for older technology can fluctuate, but the Series 3 Apple Watch still holds value for a significant number of tech users and enthusiasts. By exploring different selling avenues and presenting your device at its best, you can certainly get money for your Series 3 Apple Watch.