Best Cyber Monday Cycling Deals 2023: Ultimate Savings on Bikes & Gear!

cyber monday cycling deals

Do bikes usually go on sale for Black Friday?

Black Friday has long been recognized as a time when many retailers offer significant discounts on a wide range of products, and bicycles are no exception. Every year, cycling enthusiasts and casual riders alike eagerly await this period, hoping to find the perfect deal on their next two-wheeled companion.

During the Black Friday sales, it’s not uncommon to see discounts ranging from modest to substantial across various types of bikes. Whether you’re in the market for a rugged mountain bike to tackle the trails, a sleek road bike for speedy commutes, or a comfortable cruiser for leisurely rides around town, Black Friday can be the ideal time to make your purchase. Retailers both online and in physical stores often slash prices on last season’s models to make room for new inventory, providing an excellent opportunity for shoppers to save.

Where to Find the Best Bike Deals on Black Friday

  • Online Retailers: Many online bike shops offer attractive Black Friday deals, often starting early in the week.
  • Local Bike Shops: Don’t overlook your local bike shop. Many participate in Black Friday sales, offering discounts and personalized service.
  • Major Sporting Goods Stores: These stores often stock a variety of bikes and can offer significant reductions on Black Friday.

It’s advisable to start your search early and keep an eye on teasers and ads from your favorite retailers. Signing up for newsletters or following shops on social media can be a great way to get a heads-up on upcoming sales. With a little research and patience, finding a great Black Friday deal on the perfect bike is definitely possible.

Where to ride a bicycle in London?

London, with its vibrant combination of historic landmarks and lush green spaces, offers numerous delightful routes for bicycle enthusiasts. From serene parks to bustling cityscapes, the options for cyclists to explore are plentiful and diverse. Navigating through the city on two wheels not only allows for a unique view of the capital but also contributes to a healthier lifestyle and a greener way to travel.

Royal Parks for a Peaceful Ride

The Royal Parks of London, such as Hyde Park, Richmond Park, and Kensington Gardens, are perfect for those seeking a calm and scenic bicycle ride. These vast green spaces not only provide safe pathways for cycling but also surround riders with nature and historical monuments. Richmond Park, known for its herds of deer, offers cyclists a chance to escape the city’s hustle and immerse themselves in a wildlife haven.

Thames River Path – A Scenic Route

For those who prefer a route with a view, the Thames River Path presents an unparalleled opportunity. Stretching along the river, this path showcases London’s iconic skyline, including views of the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. This route is relatively flat, making it a great choice for riders of all levels. It’s a must-ride for both locals and visitors wanting to experience London’s beauty from the saddle.

What size bike for a 9 year old?

Choosing the right bike size for a 9-year-old is crucial for ensuring comfort, safety, and enjoyment. The most appropriate bike size generally depends on the child’s height and inseam, rather than their age. However, 9 years old is often a transitional age in children’s bike sizes. Typically, bikes are measured by wheel diameter and for a 9-year-old, 20-inch or 24-inch wheels are most common. Making the correct choice requires a balance between current fit and room for growth.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit involves more than just wheel size. The height of the seat and the distance to the handlebars are equally important to ensure your child can ride comfortably and safely. For most 9-year-olds, a bike with a 20-inch wheel provides a good starting point, but if your child is on the taller side, starting with a 24-inch might be more appropriate. It is essential to have your child test ride the bike, ensuring they can comfortably reach the pedals and ground with their feet.

Considerations for Durability and Growth

Since children grow at different rates, considering durability and future growth is essential when selecting a bike. Adjustable components, such as the seat height and handlebar position, can accommodate growth spurts. Moreover, opting for a bike that is slightly larger, but safely manageable, could offer more longevity. Ensuring the bike is both durable and adaptable will support years of enjoyable riding experiences.

What size bike wheels do I need for my height?

Finding the right size bike wheels for your height is crucial for a comfortable and efficient cycling experience. While the frame size of your bike predominantly determines the fit, the size of the wheels also plays a significant role, especially in how the bike handles and feels during your ride.

Different types of bicycles have varying standard wheel sizes. For instance, most road bikes come with 700c wheels, which are considered to be the standard size. However, for those on the shorter side, looking at bikes with 650b wheels may provide a better fit and more control. Conversely, mountain bikes offer a range of wheel sizes from 26 inches, which used to be the standard, to 27.5 inches, and up to 29 inches. Generally, taller riders might find 29-inch wheels (29ers) better suited for their height, offering improved traction and ability to roll over obstacles more easily.

Children’s bike sizes are often directly correlated to wheel size, which ranges from 12 inches up to 24 inches. As a rough guide, a rider’s height can determine the most suitable wheel size to ensure the bike is proportional, comfortable, and safe to handle. For example, individuals under 5 feet may find bikes with 24-inch wheels more appropriate, while those around 6 feet and taller might benefit from wheels that are 27.5 inches or larger.

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