GoPro Weight Guide: How Much Does a GoPro Camera Weigh?

how much does gopro weigh

What is the weight of a GoPro?

The weight of a GoPro camera can vary depending on the model and the housing or accessories attached to it. Generally, GoPro cameras are designed to be lightweight and portable, enhancing their appeal to adventurers and action sports enthusiasts. On average, a GoPro camera without any additional accessories weighs around 117 to 158 grams (4.1 to 5.6 ounces). This lightweight design ensures that it can be easily mounted on helmets, bikes, and other gear without significantly adding to the load.

For instance, the GoPro HERO9 Black, one of the popular models, weighs approximately 158 grams (5.6 ounces) when it’s stripped of its mounting frame. This slight increase in weight compared to previous models can be attributed to its larger battery and more feature-rich design. The compact and light nature of the GoPro makes it an ideal choice for capturing high-action moments without being weighed down.

Including accessories such as the mounting frame, waterproof housing, or additional mods can increase the total weight of your GoPro setup. For example, the Protective Housing for the GoPro HERO9 Black adds an additional 110 grams (3.88 ounces), making the total weight slightly more substantial but still quite manageable. When planning to use a GoPro for extended periods, especially in action settings, it’s essential to consider the weight of all accessories to maintain ease of use and comfort.

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How much does a GoPro Hero 10 weigh?

When considering the advanced features and capabilities of the GoPro Hero 10, its weight is remarkably minimal, making it a leading choice for adventurers and content creators who prioritize portability in their gear. The GoPro Hero 10, with its robust design and enhanced functionality, tips the scale at just 153 grams (5.39 ounces). This lightweight characteristic is a testament to GoPro’s commitment to delivering high-performance, easy-to-carry cameras without compromising on quality or durability.

The precise weight of the GoPro Hero 10 includes the battery, which is essential for users to note as it allows for accurate planning concerning accessory compatibility and mount requirements. Whether you’re attaching it to a helmet while mountain biking or using a handheld gimbal for smooth video capture, understanding the weight of your GoPro Hero 10 is crucial for a balanced and optimal setup.

Moreover, the lightweight nature of the GoPro Hero 10 does not impede its ability to perform in diverse environments. From underwater expeditions to high-altitude drone flights, the camera’s weight plays a pivotal role in ensuring it can be easily integrated into various mounts and housing options without affecting performance. This ease of integration, combined with its compact size, makes the GoPro Hero 10 a formidable tool for capturing stunning, high-quality footage on the go.

How much does a GoPro 12 weigh?

When considering the purchase of a GoPro 12, one of the crucial factors for many enthusiasts and professionals alike is the weight of the device. This attribute is especially important for users who plan on incorporating the camera into activities where every ounce matters. The GoPro 12 has been designed with portability and ease of use in mind, striking an impressive balance between its robust feature set and its overall weight.

The GoPro 12, despite packing advanced technology and improved stabilization features, maintains a lightweight profile. This is particularly beneficial for users looking to mount the camera on helmets, drones, or handheld gimbals. The slight weight ensures that it can be used for extended periods without causing fatigue or strain, which is a significant consideration for adventurers and content creators who spend long hours shooting.

Understanding the exact weight of the GoPro 12 helps in planning and optimizing how it can be best utilized in various scenarios. Whether it’s for professional cinematography, capturing extreme sports, or vlogging, the GoPro 12’s weight plays a pivotal role in its versatility and convenience. This balance of lightweight design and high-performance capabilities makes the GoPro 12 a favored choice among many users.

How much does a GoPro 11 weigh?

The weight of a GoPro 11 is a query that many enthusiasts and potential buyers ponder over before making their purchase. Understanding the weight is crucial, especially for users who plan to mount the camera on helmets, drones, or carry it around for extensive periods. The GoPro 11, known for its sleek design and powerful features, maintains a balance between durability and lightweight portability, which is essential for action-packed adventures.

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Specifically, the GoPro 11 Hero Black edition, which is the flagship model, weighs approximately 153 grams with the battery included. This slight increase in weight from its predecessor is attributed to the enhanced features and larger battery capacity, ensuring that users can capture high-quality images and videos for longer durations without significant weight hindrance.

Moreover, for users concerned about the overall travel weight, considering the camera along with its protective casing and mounts is important. The standard protective housing adds a negligible amount of weight but is crucial for underwater activities and extreme sports. When packed with essential accessories, the GoPro 11 setup remains remarkably lightweight, thereby not impacting the mobility or convenience of carrying it around for any adventure or travel purpose.